Designer Marc Jacobs Goes Shirtless to give Diet Coke a Brand New Look

Marc Jacobs, creative director of French fashion house Louis Vuitton, has lent his brilliant aesthetics and designs to Diet Coke. The designer has not only given the can a makeover but is also featuring in its commercials along with model Ginta Lapina. The company released all its ads in the European Market Monday

Jacobs was named the creative director of Coca Cola Company in February.

With this deal, Jacobs has designed three limited edition bottles and cans of Diet Coke inspired from the 80s, 90s and 00s. These three decades not only celebrate the growing popularity of the beverage in the market but also mark the rise of women empowerment. The bottles feature a colorful print and playful print.

"I feel very privileged to be the new Creative Director of Diet Coke and put my stamp on the 30th Anniversary campaign. Diet Coke is an icon... and I love an icon," said Jacobs.

In the ads, Jacobs is seen dressed in a black kilt and a holding a giant bottle opener while Lapina is perched on top of the bottle.

Lapina too seemed to enjoy the photoshoot as well as working with the renowned designer. Calling him an "inspiration" Lapina explained how pleased she was to be working with Jacobs. "Very easy to work with. It was amazing," she added, according to the New York Daily News.

But it was the 49-year-old designer who had a gala time shooting the campaign. He looks extremely upbeat and even goes shirtless for a picture, showing off his fit physique.

When Vogue quizzed him about his shirtless stunts he revealed that he likes taking his clothes off. “I take my clothes off when anyone asks me to - well maybe not everyone," he told the fashion magazine. "And I like attention. I'm going to be 50 next month and if someone asks me to take off my shirt and says, 'please be a hunk', far be it for me to say no."

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