Deion Sanders, or maybe Leon Sandcastle if you've watched the classic NFL commercial, has been awarded custody of three of his children from estranged wife Pilar Sanders.

A Collin County jury decided Tuesday that the athlete and TV personality will make all educational, health and extracurricular decisions for his two sons, ages 11 and 13, while sharing responsibility for the care of his 9-year-old daughter with his estranged wife Pilar.

"I'm thankful; I'm elated," the father said before leaving the courthouse in McKinney. "In any war, there will be casualties, but I didn't want the casualties in this case to be my kids." Pilar told reporters that she was  "flabbergasted" at the result and her attorney Larry Friedman said they will appeal the decision.

TMZ is reporting that 11 of the 12 jurors ruled in Deion Sanders' favor.

Pilar, an aspiring actress and model, said the judge did not allow testimony about the April 2012 domestic dispute that landed her in jail. She also said Deion showed little respect for court laughing while on the witness stand.

"If that's not one-sided, you have to be blind, dumb, crazy and stupid," she said. "Unfortunately, my children will suffer, but I raised them well enough to understand what's what."

The couple's divorce was filed by Deion in 2011 and though both parents were charged with misdemeanor assault last April—which the judge threw out—when the police were called to the mansion they once shared, it was only Pilar who was arrested.

Pilar Sanders' attorneys, Friedman and Luke Gunnstaks, think Deion can't give up his competitive ways (I'm still not sure Leon Sandcastle isn't his alter-ego at this point.)

"To Mr. Sanders, life is a game and he has to win every time," Freidman said during his closing statement. "Winning is everything to him, even if the collateral damage is their kids."

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