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Chris Brown Smokes Weed on Ghana Stage, flirts with girls behind Rihanna's back? Chris Brown helps Fabolous get 'Ready' for Comeback album

ByMichael Briggs
Mar 12, 2013 05:21 PM EDT

Chris Brown is back to his old tricks just weeks after admitting he "deeply regretted" the Rihanna incident. Days after screaming he "owns" Rihanna's "p****" at Emerson Theatre in LA, (along with that bizarre $10 valet freakout) Brown was photographed smoking weed on stage in Ghana. Nothing like doing all you can to show you've changed, right, Chris?

According to sources, Brown showed up late, cursed and smoked weed. All in a good day's work!

The singer was also spotted recently getting 'flirty' with a few women while "girlfriend" Rihanna is on her 'Diamonds' World Tour and fighting laryngitis. Brown was at Lure Hollywood where a source revealed he got intimate with some women, according to

"He was really flirty with two girls specifically, as well as the cocktail waitresses." Another source also commented, "Those girl were just some fans and groupie type s**t." 

Other than making a mess of his personal image, Brown has actually been working on new music, as well. The singer/rapper has been working with rapper Fabolous on a song called "Ready" for Fab's comeback, according to MTV News.

The Brooklyn MC says he can't wait to get back on the scene.

"I'm ready to come back. I've been off for a couple of years. I've still put out a few mixtapes, you know The S.O.U.L. Tape 1 and 2," Fab told MTV News. "But it's time for me to get back in the game commercially and drop some radio hits. I think everybody knows Fab for those genuine radio smash records and that's where 'Ready' starts right back off, my foundation of what I do." 

What do you think of Chris Brown's recent antics? Is he out of line smoking weed on stage and talking about Rihanna like he did at Emerson Theatre last week? Lets us in on your opinion with a comment or tweet at us @BeautyWorldNews.

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