Mila Kunis' Sexy Witch Look for 'Oz,' Ashton Kutcher gets swatted by kid after swat cars rush to Kutcher's home, boy admits to Kutcher prank

With Disney's new box-office hit, "Oz: The Great and Powerful" filling plenty of seats, Mila Kunis' peformance as sexy witch Theodora is reportedly fitting the billing of her 'hottest woman' fame. But just how did Oz costume designer Gary Jones achieve the strong reaction to Kunis' appearance in the role? Jones recently sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss his work for the film.

"We received the most response to Mila Kunis' leather bustier, trousers, and sleeves. It's odd to me that people seem to find it a mystery. We make everything out of leather!"

Kunis' character Theodora wears an outfit of leather trousers and a corset complete with a fresh white shirt and red velvet jacket and hat. The ruby-inspired look was one of the costume department's most practical outfits, but is turning heads, nonetheless. 

Kunis' current boyfriend Ashton Kutcher is drawing attention for all the wrong reasons these days. A 12-year-old boy who allegedly made prank calls to police sent officers rushing to Ashton's home recently, in what is being called a 'swatting' prank. The boy has been charged with two felony counts each of making false bomb threats and computer intrusion in connection with the Oct. 3 emergency call that brought officers to Kutcher's Hollywood Hills home. The boy also played a similar prank on Justin Bieber and targeted Miley Cyrus, as well.

Authorities have accused the boy of reporting armed men with guns and explosives in Kutcher's home and that several people had been shot. Dozens of emergency personnel were sent to the house. Kutcher was not home at the time of the incident.

The former "Punk'd!" star has also made news for his ongoing divorce settlement with ex-wife Demi Moore. Though Moore has officialy filed her divorce papers, Kutcher couldn't seem to mind less, publicly at least. U.S. Weekly is reporting that Kutcher and Kunis were "all over eachother" recently while having lunch together in the cafeteria on the Warner Bros. lot on Wednesday, March 6. "Major kissing" was reported by the eyewitness between the 35-year-old Kutcher and 29-year-old Kunis, who starred together on That 70's Show.

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