Hermes and Jaeger-LeCoultre Launch Limited Edition Atmos Clock

Hermes and Jaeger-LeCoultre have joined forces and launched a striking limited edition Atmos clock in Paris, March 7.

Designed to work for 1000 years, the Atmos clock comes with a carved casing and bubble like embellished details by Saint-Louis, a subsidiary of Hermès, and the creation is a stunning piece of art.

The Atmos clock of which only 176 pieces have been released, never needs to be wound by human hand as it winds on its own when the temperature in the room changes. Even a degree of change in temperature leads to the clock being wound and it’s good to go for 48-hours. The new clock will retail at about $39,000.

 “This is retro-futurism,” Pierre-Alexis Dumas, creative director of Hermes told WWD. “We are transported to the study of Captain Nemo on the Nautilus. It’s an object that could easily appear in a Jules Verne novel, and yet, it is truly of 2013.”

Dumas also explained that he inherited the interest in the Atmos clock from his grandfather Robert Dumas.

“The Atmos clock is designed to work for 1,000 years, so I hope this Atmos clock that we see here will continue to generate as much emotion and pleasure in 1,000 years,” Jaeger-LeCoultre CEO, Jérôme Lambert said.

The relationship between Hermes and Jaeger-LeCoultre dates back a long way. The duo collaborated from 1928 to 1972, according to Forbes. The duo started the partnership when Hermes started offering wristwatches.

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