Since childhood, little girls are told that Barbie dolls are the prettiest things ever. While most of those little girls move on from Barbie dolls but there are a few who still long for those looks and body and want to be a living Barbie doll.

Ukranian model Valerie Lukyanova became a sensation overnight due to her Barbie like looks and figure. The model claims that she hasn't gotten any part of her face changed. She admits to getting a boob job  but says that its makeup, which changes the structure of her face and she keeps herself in shape with exercise.

Strangely it's not just women who long to be a living Barbie. There is a real life Ken (Barbie's boyfriend) too. Justin Jedlica has spent about $100,000 on treatments like rhinoplasties and amplification to his cheeks, lips, and buttocks so that he could get Ken's looks. He went under the knife for the first time when he was 18 and recently underwent his 100th surgery.