LaLa Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony are doing fine, despite rumors the couple may be separating, according to the basketball star's wife.

"Everything is wonderful in the Anthony household," the reality star told Kit Hoover and Billy Bush on Monday's Access Hollywood Live. "We've been together for 10 years. If anyone says you don't go through ups and downs in 10 years, they're lying."

"We're in a real relationship - we have our ups, we have our downs, but we definitely work through them and we're doing great right now," she added.

The couple's decade-long relationship has had its "ups" and "downs," but the entertainment star blames their grueling work schedules as the reason for any unhappiness between the two.

"The downs are having two intense careers and remembering to put the marriage first, and remembering to work as hard in the marriage as we do in our careers, and being parents and everything else," said.

"The highs are—he's my best friend," she said, smiling. "We get through the hard times because we know that we want this marriage to work."

Anthony proposed to LaLa when he was just 19 years old and fresh off an NCAA championship at Syracuse. The couple, however, did not get married for another six years after Carmelo's proposal. The New York Knicks star was recently back at his university for a game with LaLa and their son when they retired his number and raised it to the rafters.

The couple spoke about the proposal during an interview on The View last year.

"We got engaged really quickly and a lot of people criticized us, but it worked for us," LaLa told Barbara Walters. She is also explained when she thought enough was enough and it was time to officially tie the knot. "After we had the child, I started giving him the side-eye. And then we did it!" she said.

LaLa also said she felt trepidation at first to date Carmelo.

"He's a basketball player! You know what they say about basketball players? So, I was hesitant, but over time [I got comfortable with the idea.] I don't worry. I can't worry about his every move," LaLa said.