Gucci Goes Green with Zero-Deforestation Handbag Line

Luxury fashion house Gucci announced the launch of eco-friendly handbags at a press conference March 5 in alliance with environmental campaigner, Livia Firth's Green Carpet Challenge. The collection is one of a kind that combines style and concern for the environment.

 The handbags are produced with Rainforest Alliance-certified leather. The collection features three handbags that have been made from Amazon leather but through a method that has caused no deforestation in the Amazon region. Cattle ranches in South America produce leather as a by-product and the same cattle is also responsible for environmental damage.  Gucci has ensured that grazing cows have not affected the fast depleting Brazilian landscape, also keeping in mind to treat animals ethically.

"Through our sustainability, humanitarian and philanthropic actions, we would like Gucci to not just be synonymous with Made in Italy, but also Made with integrity," fashionista quoted Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci.

Available in "Tote," "Hobo," and "Jackie" style, these bags come in red-wine shade with matt finish and an uneven grainy look. Featuring flawless stitching, bamboo tassels and embellishments, these handbags are a must have accessory.

Each piece of the eco-friendly handbag has been embossed with the words, "Gucci for Green Carpet Challenge" and will come with a Gucci GCC Passport that informs consumers about the origin of the bag.

"Gucci's new line sets a shining example in the fashion industry, demonstrating that leather can be produced in a way that benefits the environment and farming communities, while promoting the humane treatment of livestock," said Sabrina Vigilante, director of Strategic Initiatives at the Rainforest Alliance.

Livia Firth, is a strong believer in eco-friendly products and has made numerous red carpet appearances with Oscar winning husband/actor Colin Firth wearing eco-friendly gowns.

"This is a breakthrough moment for sustainable style," said Firth. "Once again, our collaboration with Gucci spotlights this fashion house as a genuine leader. Working together to utilise on-the-ground research by the NWF means that we have created a chain of custody that brings real change to the fashion industry."

The new Gucci eco-friendly handbag collection, will be offered in select Gucci flagship stores worldwide and online in the U.S. and Europe at

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