Sofia Vergara is expecting a child, via a surrogate, according to The National Enquirer.

Vergara, who already has a 20-year-old son, Manolo, from her relationship with her teenage sweetheart, and fiancé Nick Loeb supposidely chose one of Sofia's close friends to be the surrogate.

"Rather than going through the trying process of hiring a stranger to serve as a surrogate, Sofia hand-picked one of her healthiest and closest friends," a source told The National Enquirer.

The publication alleges that Sofia's hopes were almost dimished after the surroage was rushed to the hospital late last month after suffering symptoms of a miscarriage. 

"Sofia's surrogate had developed pain and went to the hospital, fearing that she was going to have a miscarriage," the source claimed. Sofia and Nick were reportedly eating at BOA steakhouse in West Hollywood according to eyewitness reports, but left once they heard the news of the possible miscarriage.

"After several hours, it was determined that the baby was fine, and so was the surrogate mom,' the source added. 'Sofia thanked God that everything was OK," the source said.

The actress was absent from Oscars celebrations of Feburary 24th, citing the flu as her excuse. The 'Modern Family' star posted a picture on her Instagram account page with the caption, 'Watching the Oscars at home so I don't give everyone the flu haha!' 

Vergara revealed back in August in an interview with Allure magazine that she would welcome another child into her life.

"I would think about it. I can have more nannies. So it wouldn't be something crazy for me. But I wouldn't have four. Maybe one is fine," she told Allure.

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