Netflix is struggling right now with customer satisfaction since the company split into two, and you can see why. In some of the most absurd news you'll read all week, a man took his loyalty to Netflix to a tattoo shop and inked the company's name on his flesh. In return, the company gave him a year of free subscription to their service.

"Wait, what? This is for life!' is what the guy should be saying. Instead, you know he's getting his "Game of Thrones" or "Chapelle's Show" marathon on right now thinking he's the coolest cat on planet earth.

The guy, @TheRealMyron, (just in case you were confused with another Myron) tweeted a photo to Netflix, who replied on Twitter with the message: NO WAY! Free year for you, look for DM RT@TheRealMyron@netflix put me on a commercial I love you guys"

Myron later tweeted, "Netflix tweeted me retweeted my Tattoo and gave me a free year tonight there is noway you can't believe in Netflix gang now it's a movement."

Netflix gang for life? Try a year, Myron.

Netflix recently split its DVD-by-mail service into a new business called Qwikster and rose prices 60%-effectively losing nearly 800,000 customers because of it. The company also saw its customer satisfaction rating drop heavily. 

What do you think of Myron's tattoo? Would you ever get a tattoo of a company or product that you like? Is his one-month subscription a good deal or should he have received a life-long subscription for his lifelong tattoo? Let us know what you think of Myron and his tattoo with a comment or tweet. You can follow Beauty World News on Twitter @BeautyWorldNews and on Facebook for updates on the newest fashion, beauty and makeup trends along with stories on your favorite celebrities.