36 Chihuahuas seized from two California homes will be taking up new residences after officials with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter removed the dogs from hoarders. 

California officials are looking for new homes for the Chihuahuas after removing 11 dogs, including 6 puppies, from a Watsonville apartment on Monday. After their initial search, the officials found 25 more Chihuahuas, including another 10 puppies, at a family member's home in the same town.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports the Chihuahuas are being housed at two shelter locations before they head to foster homes, but are looking for people who can adopt the dogs permanently. 

The dog hoarders are now left with nothing after reportedly letting their Chihuahuas indiscriminately breed in the homes. Authorities are still determining whether they will file animal neglect charges against the owners of the dogs.

Some of the puppies collected by the animal shelter were as young as two-weeks-old. Todd Stosuy, the shelter's field services manager, weighed in one the hoarding raid.

"It's a hoarding case first because not only were animals being hoarded, but also objects and possessions," making it difficult for animal shelter officials to move through the residences, he said. But both cases are breeding cases as well, "because the dogs were indiscriminately breeding in the house."

The initial investigation occured after the landlord of the Watsonville apartment reported the massive Chihuahua population.

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