Rihanna is doing all she can to reinvent the image of her relationship with Chris Brown, but based of CB's incredibly demeaning comments made recently, it doesn't seem like the singer's boyfriend has changed much.

Brown was parting at Emerson Theatre in Hollywood early Thursday morning when he grabbed the mic from the DJ and let his feeling spill. 

Chris said, "You GOTTA say that one thing to her ... Don't make me have to tell you again, that's my p***y baby! ... so you better not give it away!"

Also adding (ever so eloquently): "So every person in this motherf**king building, if you got a bad bitch you better say that s**t to her, or she might f**k another n***a."

Insecurity issues don't look good on you, Chris.

Rihanna looked so good at the kickoff show of her Diamonds tour, 'controlling' his girl seems like it could be a large problem for Brown. The singer was in Buffalo, NY for the first stop of her 27-city tour debuting plenty of sexy costumes including a leather bustier outfit, a black blouse with thigh-high boots, a red dress that exposed her mid-section, and a see-through long black top with white heeled boots. Also in the lineup for the 'Pour it Up' beauty was a short, glittery dress that looked like it was constructed out of dollar bills.

After the show, Rihanna hit up her Twitter fans and proclaimed her love for Buffalo. "#BUFFALO I will never forget how you made me feel tonight!!!," Rihanna said on Twitter. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! #1Love always," She also Instagrammed a photo showing the enormous crowd, and left the comment, "No words, just DIAMONDS!!! #EPICshit #BUFFALO $old out!!!" 

What do you think of Rihanna and Chris Brown continuing to date? Let us know if you're seeing Rihanna in concert, too!