Applying makeup everyday can be a tiring process especially in the mornings when you have to choose between that 15-minute snooze and dressing up.

With such less time and hundreds of things to take care of, it gets difficult to apply flawless makeup everyday and making sure it holds up all day. Applying the primer, eye shadow, mascara and liner can take quite some time.

But that doesn’t mean you do it carelessly and walk out of the door. Unruly and untidy makeup is a big turn off. Remember when Chandler (Mathew Perry) from “Friends” wouldn’t date Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) boss Joanna due to clumpy mascara. He termed it “mascara goop.”

Wouldn't it be amazing if all this didn't take time? Here is a solution. dearestabbie shows a flawless way to apply subtle but trendy makeup in minutes without having to give up that extra 15 minutes of sleep.

Watch the video here: