When Alexander McQueen's models stepped onto the ramp during the Paris Fashion Week, March 5, to showcase the brand's RTW Fall/Winter Collection, we expected super stylish and classy designs but looks like the brand's creative designer, Sarah Burton, is bidding to dress the new Pope.

Burton sent her models down the runway dressed in flamboyant white and pale dresses with big sleeves and golden thread work, which were a bit too showy. The torso region and shoulders had intricate and ornate golden detailing along with a similar headgear.

The dresses flared below the hips and jutted out in a very uncomfortable way.

Most of the pieces in the collection looked pretty similar and lacked the style to hold the audience's attention.

Another dress, equally elaborate, featured intricate designs and was clinched at the waist with a metallic plate acting as a belt. Though the hemline featured delicate lace work and the metal plate added the right amount of bling to the ensemble, it just did not look right.

McQueen's collection also featured fur along with other fabrics. A model displayed a high-low dress with a complicated fur lining. While a limited amount of fur might have looked good, the dress managed to even hide the delicate design of the dress and the model looked like she was drowning in fur.

The brand also showcased other high-low dresses in black with fitted skirts but these too were overdone with the golden detailing. The collection also featured a sparkly peplum dress paired with black finger gloves. Models wore showy headgears with golden beads that fell over their faces.

We expected Burton to outdo the brand's previous collections. After all she designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress that became an instant hit. Instead, all we could think about was Cleopatra and her extremely elaborate dresses, which will hardly match today's tastes.