Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough are not going to give away their wedding plans anytime soon, if Seacrest's ducking of the wedding question offers any insight into the host's future proposal plans.

When asked by The Associated Press if a wedding date was in his future, Seacrest avoided the question altogether. He responded with "Are you getting married?" several times before dropping the response and moving on. The question was asked while Seacrest was promoting American Idol's Idol Across America, just one day after the top 20 contestants were announced.

Seacrest and Hough have been dating since the couple met at work, but as Hough explained on the Chelsea Lately show, Ryan has been calling her the 'Future Mrs. Seacrest' before they were even dating.

"We used to actually pass each other in the hall because 'American Idol' and 'Dancing With The Stars' were across the hall from each other," she said. "[He would call me] Future Mrs. Seacrest."

Hough recently starred in the film Safe Haven with Josh Duhamel, which is directed by Nicholas Sparks of The Notebook fame. Though knowing your girlfriend is working with such a sought after co-star might throw some men off, it was actually Duhamel who asked Seacrest for advice on kissing his co-star Hough for the film. Duhamel called into Seacrest's radio show "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" to clarify for one last clarificaiton about the kiss.

"I made the mistake in mentioning you and I guess every time I do an interview I have to answer this question about asking permission to kiss your girl." Adding: "Well first of all I wasn't really asking permission, but get your blessing I guess because these movies are very intimate...but luckily Ryan and Fergs are well adjusted to the business and they understand."

The Idol Across America tour is a chance for fans to interact with American Idol's famous mic as it travels across the nation and stops at 13 cities and landmarks. Included stops for this year's tour are Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, and the Grand Canyon. Fans can watch and interact with the legendary mic as it makes its way to Hollywood for the American Idol winner's performance.

As Seacrest explained, "It's going to be cool because as the microphone comes through each city, it will be run by fans of the show, local heroes, inspirational figures, celebrities and then it will end up on our stage in Hollywood."  As for the chances the mic makes it across the country in one piece, Seacrest said I'm sure there's one in a holster standing by if it breaks."

Someone sure has one important job in keeping that mic safe.