Utah based company, Jamberry Nails, announced Friday the launch of its online nail art studio. The studio helps all users to create their personal art by uploading the graphics, patterns and designs of their choice on its site.

Jamberry Nails custom designs will also make meaningful personalized gifts, party favors and help celebrate special occasion like prom nights and graduations in a creative way. It also comes as a handy favor to pamper brides and mommies-to-be.

With the online nail art studio, Jamberry promises to be one of the most effective tools for patrons to rely on when it comes to following the latest nail trends as well as starting new ones.

The trend of sporting different designs on one's nails has caught on and now companies are coming up with quirky ideas and designs. Earlier, the most fancy thing beauty junkies could do to their nails was painting on bright, fluorescent colors or get a French manicure. But these days the options are never ending.

The variety of patterns available to customers is extremely vast from  caviar, ombre, glitters, feathers to  many more. And the nail art bug has bitten the celebs too. Actress Blake Lively sported velvety, furry nails when she married actor Ryan Reynolds and Katy Perry created her own unique nail art by flaunting President Obama's face to support him during the elections.

The standard Jamberry Nail wraps retail for $15 per sheet, customized styles will retail for $25 per sheet. From one pack of standard Jamberry nails, one can usually get up to three applications but this will vary in case of customized nail wraps based on the design and pattern.