Braids and plaits never go out of fashion. They are fun, and easy to make and also keep the hair away from the face. For summer this is one of the most popular hairstyles flaunted even by celebs like Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively.

Braids and plaits come in a number of variations and the latest one to take the fashion world by storm is the Heidi Roll. A simpler form of the braid, this style not only frames the face perfectly but also makes sure that your mane doesn’t get sweaty and sticky during the hot weather.

Heidi Rolls made an appearance on the runway during Carolina Herrera’s show at the Milan Fashion Week this year and has been a rage since. The best part about the hair trend is that it can be flaunted with LBDs as well as with the casual jeans, t-shirt and the flip flop look.

One must keep in mind to keep the makeup subtle with this hairstyle as the hair is completely pulled away from the face exposing a lot of bare skin. Loud makeup with the hairstyle ends up looking over the top and garish.

Heidi Rolls are extremely easy to do and require just a few bobby pins and you are good to go. YouTube user Cinthia Truong shows a super fast and simple way of achieving the look.

Watch the video: