L'Oreal Paris has revamped its website and now provides customized service and tailored product suggestion to each user.

LOrealParisUSA.com helps women find the suitable products, regimens and looks for them based on their individual characteristics and current style inclinations.

The new site offers a visually effective dashboard that allows users to enter personal information effortlessly. It also registers the current weather forecast and shares product suggestions and expert tips for fighting frizz on a rainy day or preventing a makeup meltdown in the heat.

"L'Oréal Paris' mission, as the leader in beauty product innovation, is to help women become their most confident and beautiful," notes Karen T. Fondu, president of L'Oréal Paris USA. "Today we are applying the same expertise to our digital presence with the debut of the new LOrealParisUSA.com."

Keeping in mind the growing technological benefits and gadgets patrons have access to, the brand has specifically designed the site for all devices offering users a uniform, easy-to-navigate site, whether they log in from their desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

The screen transitions are seamless and provide users a fast and delightful experience no matter when, where or how they choose to engage.

Additionally the site will also be able to adapt to the future versions of various gadgets. Hence the site will never fall behind.

"The new LOrealParisUSA.com was created using responsive design, so that no matter how users access the site, they will experience the same beautiful content," said Barry Wacksman, EVP, chief growth officer at R/GA, the digital agency behind the site's re-launch. "The launch represents an extensive collaboration between L'Oréal Paris and R/GA, and by using the latest technologies to customize and optimize user experiences, we've built a best-in-class, device-friendly resource that adapts to fit every woman's preferences and needs."