Jennifer Lawrence is moving on—from her hair color, that is. The talk of the town, the 22-year-old Lawrence was spotted Monday leaving Rossano Ferretti salon in Beverly Hills, California with a darker, brunette (almost black) look. Ditching her golden blonde locks look she had for her big Oscars victory for Best Actress, everyone is wondering what's next for J Law.

See the photo of her new look here! 

Well, that next thing is her role as Katniss Everdeen, as the actress is set to fly to Hawaii for nine days for reshoots for the second installment of the "Hunger Games" franchise, "Catching Fire." While Hawaii might seem like a nice post-Oscars trip, it should be more of the same hard work for Lawrence, whose character is not the glamorous type. At the end of last year, Lawrence was in the Aloha state shooting battle scenes. Yes, Miss Dior sure knows her way around a bow and arrow, regardless of what the infamous acceptance trip might make you believe. 

Physical training for a role like Katniss' means a good deal of "free running for agility, archery, climbing, combat and yoga," Lawrence told Screen Rant after the filming of the first "Hunger Games." "When you're in a movie called 'The Hunger Games' when you're not working, you eat. But as far as exercise goes I like to stay in relatively good shape anyway, running and so on. And it's also so that when training comes along I don't have to start from square one. There is relative maintenance. Just being able to withstand cardio." 

She also discussed the challenges that come with playing such a beloved role from a popular novel.

"She was already in the minds of so many different people. When you're coming out with a movie where nobody's really seen the character before you can say 'here it is.' I'm playing a character that most people have already seen in their mind. That's scary."

If you can fall in front of the world in your greatest moment and smile when you get back up, you have nothing left to fear, J Law.