Bulgari Showcases Elizabeth Taylor Collection

Bulgari brought back memories of actress and style icon Elizabeth Taylor when it showcased a collection of jewelry owned by the actress at its Beverly Hills boutique, Feb. 21.

Celebrating the Oscar week, Bulgari acquired eight of its pieces owned by the late actress and showcased them behind bullet proof glass. The pieces were designed by Bulgari. The Italian brand bought back these exquisite pieces during a Christie's auction after the actress' death.

The event showcased iconic pieces of jewelry owned by the actress like the emerald and diamond brooch that can also be worn as a pendant and various other brooches and necklaces.

The event was attended by Hollywood A-listers like Drew Barrymore, Naomi Watts, Kirsten Dunst and Julianne Moore, who were treated to a private viewing. Barrymore seemed thrilled by the opportunity to view the collection and said that it "made their pupils dilate."

"I think it's amazing to see what she personally and Richard Burton curated for their lives. I think it's about seeing a moment where they responded to something and purchased it," Barrymore told WWD.

Burton is said to have gifted a number of these pieces to Taylor during their affair and marriage. Burton had once said that Bulgari is the only Italian word that the actress knows and looking at the collection one can understand the love she had for Bulgari jewels.

"She had such love of her treasured jewels, and they were given to her by Richard Burton whom she loved," WWD quoted Dunst.

The celebs not only viewed the collection but also had the opportunity to wear it to the Roman themed dinner party to celebrate the brand's new store at Beverly Hills. While Barrymore wore the beaded necklace, Moore dazzled in the famous diamond and emerald necklace which Taylor donned while in Belgium in November 1968, according to the Daily Mail.

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