Lindsay Lohan has lost her defamation lawsuit against the rapper Pitbull for lyrics that mentioned Lohan in his song, "Give me Everything," according to the Hollywood Reporter. The judge on the case dismissed her suit Thursday, ruling that First Amendment rights protected the song as a work of art.

Lohan filed the suit against Pitbull in 2011, claiming that the line "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" violated her privacy and publicity rights and caused her emotional distress. Though Pitbull initially apologized for the lyric, he did file a countersuit.

U.S. district judge Dennis Hurley ruled her claims of privacy and publicity rights did not apply in regards to a work of art. The fact that the Song was presumably created and distributed for the purpose of making a profit does not mean that plaintiff's name was used for 'advertising' or 'purposes of trade' within the meaning of the New York Civil Rights Law," he wrote in the ruling.