Jennifer Lawrence's first photo shoot for Dior, while dazzling, is rubbing fans of the "Silver Linings Playbook" actress the wrong way. The new Miss Dior, Lawrence's face is covered with a net veil, but that's not the problem with the pretty Oscar star's look. In the photos, Lawrence is missing her charactristic moles. 

This isn't even the first shoot Lawrence has been photoshopped into looking 'flawless.' In a shoot she did with Vanity Fair, Lawrence graced the cover with a thinner face and arms and no moles, as well. 

Click to see Lawrence's doctored photos here.

Though Lawrence exudes plenty of confidence when asked about her beauty marks, it turns out the fashion world seems to think there's little 'beauty' in her moles. With her avid fans claiming to know where every mark lies on her skin, deciding to remove them from her photos is a bold and pretty classless act. While photoshopping models to portray a more desirable look is no new trend in the fashion world, to do so in this case seems like Dior and Vanity Fair are really trying to drive home a point. When the most beautiful women in the world still aren't good enough for the public, there's a larger cultural identity problem on hand. Especially when the marks they feel the need to erase are objects of affection for her fans.

Despite admitting in the past that she 'feels fat' by Hollywood standards, Lawrence's fans find her much more relatable because of it. Commenters have complained that the photos look "nothing like her," and that "she is a pretty, healthy girl that they turned into someone overly thin...and pretty much unrecognizable. Look at those tiny arms."  

What do you think of Lawrence's photos for Dior and Vanity Fair? Have they gone too far by doctoring her images to portray a 'more desirable' look? Let us know how you feel!