Johnny Depp's horse stunt goes wrong, nearly dies on "The Lone Ranger" set [VIDEOS]


Johnny Depp stopped by the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday and offered a movie stunt story you don't hear very often—his face was almost smashed in by a horse. (Thousands of women shuddered at the mere thought.)

Depp, who was filming on the set of his upcoming fim 'The Lone Ranger,' said the near-death experience could have left him "horrifically mangled."

On a side note, if you don't already know, Depp is actually a pretty talented musician. He's performed with The Black Keys on their song "Gold on the Ceiling," which he did at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, and has his own band, the Kids. While on Letterman, he performed as the musical guest to rock out with friend Bill Carter on his song "Anything Made of Paper" about the West Memphis Three.

As for the horse incident, Depp, who grew up in Kentucky riding horses all the time, had no problem with the intensive requirement for horse riding until things "went very sideways."

After explaining that "every horse is different," and that they had "been running all day and weren't interested in slowing down... at all," Depp said he was tossed off from the "jerry rigged saddle" and the next second he looked up "saw muscular horse legs" flashing in front of his face. Talk about a close call. In typical Depp fashion, adorned in a scarf, his signature hat and plenty of other jewelry, he noted that he was calm throughout the incident with the "death machine" and was "waiting for fear to kick in." Definitely not your typical Hollywood A-lister, that's for sure.

"The Lone Ranger," set for release to theaters on July 3rd, stars Depp as a Native American spirit warrior named Tonto.

Watch the entire video of Depp's racing encounter on "The Lone Ranger" set along with his musical performance on "Late Show" below.

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