Google's new augmented reality headwear, Google Glass, will be "will be able to connect via Bluetooth to both Android phones and the iPhone," according to both CNET and The Verge. Glass, "can pull down data from wifi or use the 3G or 4G feed from a connected phone, but it won't have its own cellular radio," which ends the debated rumors of whether Google would shut out iOs. This, of course, makes much more sense for a company that's main goal is to "get people to use the Internet more," according to search strategist AJ Kohm, who wrote an explanation to the company's motives.

Originally targeted for a release date in 2014, Google Glass wiil arrive ahead of schedule for regular consumers in 2013 and be available for under $1,500, according to CNET. Google also launched a new site with a video, posted below, that shows the google glasses in action.

In the video, the user is able to take and send videos and pictures, look up images, navigate the streets of Manhattan and more all with the ease of a voice controlled command, similar to Apple's Siri. You may look a bit geeky to some, but the glasses give you the opportunity to do so many things without every having to use your hands, meaning you can still fully interact with life's experiences without looking down at a phone to document them. In essence, you are turned into your own 'Siri.'

The Verge's Joshua Topolsky tried out Google Glass at the company's New York headquarters recently and reports that while his own interaction with the product is "nearly identical" to that in the video, he notes that there could be downsides. According to Topolsky, the voice control still isn't perfect and when slow network connections interfere, the Glass is rendered pretty much useless.

Google plans to update users of the new augmented reality glasses monthly in order to make the experience go smoothly, as well.

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