Italian luxury fashion house, Fendi,  has joined the band wagon of fur loving designers this Milan Fashion Week. While most designer stuck to fur coats and jackets, Fendi surprised the audience with fur lined sunglasses and accessories during its runway show, Feb. 21.

The sunglasses by Fendi were lined with fur on the arms and came in vibrant colors of tangerine, fuchsia and golden as well as mellow colors like white.

 Designer Karl Lagerfeld made his love for fur evident when all the attendees were handed over a folder that contained sketches of the designs by the German and one particular outline came with a caption, "Fendi is Fur, Fur is Fendi," according to Fashionista.

And the fur mania didn't stop at the sunglasses. Fur featured on pretty much everything the brand showcased at the fashion week. Fur lined shoes, bags, belts and other accessories, Fendi had it all.

Even the model's hairstyles were not spared when it came to showcasing the wonders of the material. Models' hair had neatly braided French plaits, which were accessorized with a whisk of fur on the crown to give a Mohawk look.

“Karl had wanted something punk and slightly masculine,” hairstylist Sam McKnight told Vogue. And to compliment the look Lagerfeld aimed to achieve, models sported dark lip colors like chocolate, black and aubergine along with Chanel’s blackish purple Vendetta nail polish.

Fendi also showcased apparels like over coats and evening wear that were fur lined and in various dark and lighter shades.

But maintaining balance in its Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, the brand also showcased some pieces sans fur and kept it simple chic in shades of black and white.

With Fendi, Prada and Just Cavalli banking big on fur, we know fur lined apparels and accessories are must have items this season.