Model Kate Upton has landed a second cover with the swim suit edition of Sports Illustrated magazine. And looking at those curves we are not really surprised.

Keeping in shape sure takes a lot of time and effort but if it results in a hot body like Upton, it's worth the effort.

Upton's trainer, David Kirsch, recently revealed the model's workout regime to the People magazine, and boy it hurts even to think of it.

The trainer has been working with the model since August 2012.

Workout Regime

Upton reportedly works out five to six days in a week for one and a half to two hours.

For the swimsuit shoot her exercise was a combination of running and rowing. She paid more attention to her legs, thighs, arms hips butt and abs as these are the regions most noticeable in a swimsuit.
"[She did] boot camp circuit training mixed in with cardio," Kirsch told People. "Running, rowing and the elliptical."

Stayed Away from Pasta and Pizza

Workout doesn't give full results unless one combines it with the right diet. The 20-year-old put in all her efforts to get her perfect figure and stayed away from all her pizza, pasta and candy cravings.

"She followed my ABC's - no alcohol, bread or processed carbs - and no sugar - 24/7", Kirsch revealed.

Upton wasn't allowed even a single cheat day and regularly drank protein shakes and green drinks for energy.

The model also followed Kirsch's 7-days cleanse twice a week that flushes out toxins and gives the digestive system a rest.

And through all the meticulous workout and diet phase, Upton didn't complain even once.

Well looking at what it led to, there is nothing disappointing.