1980's style sunglasses are taking over the sunglasses market. The best new trend for sunny spring days has a different edge to it—the square wayfarer sunglasses.

Square wayfarers take the classic lenses and give them a more rigid, defined shape to help you look vintage, but up with the modern times. The best part—these iconic glasses are unisex and look equally attractive on both guys and gals. What's great about the redesigned edges is that they don't take away from the iconic original wayfarer look at all, but simply draw in for a more sophisticated look for the wearer. Most come prescription friendly, too.

The wayfarer sunglasses are pop culture icons, but the subtle change to the design is instantly recognizable in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. While you can find other colors you may desire, there's nothing that looks more stylish than a black pair. As the guys at GQ put it in their spring preview, "we tried on every new pair of glasses, but this squared-off take on the classic reigned supreme."