Vintage couture designer Pamela Simon has reintroduced the charm of the muff through purses to fashionistas who not only look for style but also want functionality.

Inspired by vintage couture and classic designs from the 20s, 30s and 60s, Simon's rendition of the purses is elegant and creative and blends in the concept of vintage and new.

"There is a trend that is slowly emerging that speaks of a move away from sloppy casual dress to one of simple elegance mixed with creativity," explains the designer. "Europeans still dress well and young Euros follow trends while maintaining a great sense of style that shies away from sweat clothes as street wear. A great pair of gloves, shoes, a purse, hat, and a muff can make any outfit look much more beautiful."

High on the chic factor and versatility, each muff purse features an interior pocket that can hold one's valuables and gadgetry.

Simon's purses come with chain handles or leather or suede straps that allow them to be carried as shoulder purses. They retail  in the range of $600-$900.

The muffs can be used to accessorize any evening wear or a suit. Simon aims to cater to the needs of fashionistas who believe that accessorizing can bring an outfit together.

"These individuals love beautiful clothes and pieces that can stand on their own as a signature piece. My muffs are decadent, edgy, sophisticated, playful, luxurious, and a cozy place to rest one's hands on a crisp, clear winter night."

Simon’s muffs are made in Toronto from fur of animals that are not farmed tortured. The vintage couture designer doesn’t believe in using faux fur as it harms the ecology.