New details of the plot to kill teen pop sensation Justin Bieber have emerged Feb. 19,  along with an unnerving phone call in which the conspirators can be heard talking about the strategy.

The tape was released by Albuquerque's KOAL 7 News in which the assumed mastermind behind the plot, Dana Martin, is heard discussing in detail the various aspects of the plot with co-conspirator Tanner Ruane. As Martin is serving time in a Mexico jail for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl, he hired Mark Staake and Ruane, Staake's nephew, for the attack.

The taped conversation reveals how the attackers planned to use hedge clippers to castrate Bieber and later strangle him to death along with his bodyguards whom the attackers refer to as "pit bulls."

"[MARK'S] going to strangle the pit bulls and you're going to castrate them," Martin instructs Ruane in the taped call, according to nydailynews.

Giving tips on how to strangle the victims, he instructs Ruane to use his signature paisley ties and make sure the knot is tight.

"Tie it really, really tight. Knot it in the front once, really tight, put it in a knot. That cuts off the oxygen. And then tie it in the back again, really tight. That seals the deal," Martin adds.

The plot was made last year but didn't go through as Martin took a U-turn and revealed the details to police before any damage could be done.

Martin is said to be obsessed with the Canadian star and even sports a tattoo of his face on his ankle. He had promised to pay Ruane $2500 for each of Bieber's testicles.