Daniel Day-Lewis can make Oscar history with his third Best Actor award Sunday—a feat only Lewis could seem to achieve so masterfully.

"No-one has emerged to take him on. I don't think he has lost a single (pre-Oscar) race. We have 25 experts and every single one is betting on Daniel Day-Lewis," said Tom O'Neil of awards website Goldderby.com.

Day-Lewis' portrayal of President Abraham Lincoln has bridged a gap for generations now far removed from Lincoln's lifetime with meticulous preparation to match the intensity to detail from director Steven Spielberg that resulted in a historically-accurate masterpiece that has enveloped audiences in the story. Playing a Lincoln in the last few months of a life cut short of years but ripe in importance, the 55-year-old took different approaches to playing the President than previous imitators, including adopting a higher-pitched voice tone. Though Day-Lewis has an instantly recognizable face for many, his portrayal of Lincoln was so well executed that you could truly believe you were watching the former American hero himself.