Producer JoAnn Fakhouri and filmmaker/designer Sayed Badreya of Elsa's Curves have joined forces with Chicago's couture designer, Mark Roscoe, to showcase the latest designs to the stars of the Oscars Red Carpet. The trio is set to participate in the Oscars Gifting Lounge during Oscar week that ends Feb. 20 at the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive.

Movie buffs have been raving about the 2013 Academy Awards slated for Feb. 24, but now we see that designers aren't far behind when it comes to the excitement.

Keeping in tune with the latest designs and trends, Roscoe aims to offer clothing that evokes a feeling of timeless elegance and style. The designer has created a line of couture evening wear dedicated to the woman who wishes to "make a statement without uttering a word".

With unique and suitable fabrics, beads and embellishments, French seams, custom buttons and trims, the designer's creations are often easily recognizable on the red carpet.

Roscoe also offers additional services to his clientele like jewelry design, accessory selection, hair styling and make-up application.

While women make news for their ensembles and looks on the red carpet, men too steal some attention with the sophisticated taste and sense of style. Hence, women are not the only ones Roscoe keeps in mind while designing.

He has also created a striking line of men's neck wear using the finest quality silks from Italy and the Far East. His ties feature fabrics with unusual textures, colors, and patterns, woven with layers of rich threads to give it a festive and ceremonial look. These ties can even be ordered to a custom length. The designer believes that a nice tie brings the ensemble together.

"For men, a suit is a suit. You have brown, black, blue and gray and not much more. Suiting men is all about the accessories: shirts, cuff links, ties - and selecting and wearing the right tie can change the whole look," explains the designer on his site.