Actress Rooney Mara, the gothic girl from the film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,"graces the cover of the March issue of Interview magazine in a totally different avatar. She looks  dainty and stunning and even reminds one of a fragile doll as she chats about;

 How she feels about on-screen nudity and death

Explaining that human body is something that one shouldn't be ashamed of, the 27-year-old believes that there is nothing wrong with nudity but also insists that one should know where to draw the line.

"I certainly don't want to be involved in anything that is gratuitous, but I don't think the human body is something to be ashamed of," she told the magazine. "Every other person on the planet has the same parts as I do. So seeing them shouldn't be a huge shock to most people."

Her Sister/Actress Kate Mara, Her First Bra and Playing Extra in Kate's film

She talks of her relationship with sister/actress Kate Mara and how she started off in the industry by being an extra in Kate's films. The first bra she wore was one of Kate's.

"She was really upset when my mom brought her home a training bra. She didn't want it, so I moseyed on over and picked it up. I was very eager to get boobs. It wasn't until years later that the training bra would actually fit. I've regretted it ever since."

I was a Prude

Mara might be one of the hottest stars right now but she reveals that as a young adult she was not at all "sexually promiscuous." Instead she calls herself a "prude."

Her Take on Death

The "Side Effects" actress seems to have a very different take on death. Mara wonders what would happen to a film if the star dies halfway.

"Sometimes I think about that-like, 'Okay, if I died right now, would they have to reshoot the whole film? Or would they be able to edit around it.' Then I think through the scenes that are left to shoot, and weigh if they would be able to finish it or not," she said.