i'm Watch, a new smart watch manufactured by Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini, aims to uproot the theory of traditional watches and opens a new market segment by bringing in the elements of a smart phone to a watch.

Featuring functions that are similar to a smart phone, the watch efficiently makes and receives calls, gives weather updates, manages your social networking sites and music folder.

Not just that, unlike the conventional watch it also provides information about the stock exchange and counts your calorie intake.

With a Bluetooth antenna, the i'm Watch wearer can easily forget the smart phone in the purse, pocket or wallet and quickly make/receive calls from the wrist.

"We have patented our intellectual property as we knew this was bound to be a worldwide success. A guarantee also for our team of very young, Italian engineers, developers and designers who have been working with us on this huge and cutting-edge project in what we love to call the "Technology Valley of the North-East," explain Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini talking about the idea and making of the smart watch.

The touch screen i'm Watch comes in a range of colors like green, yellow, red, blue and black and adds a pop of color to every outfit along with efficiency. Priced at $449, the brand is offering a promotional discount of $50 and the smart watch will be available for $399 till Feb. 28.