After the much publicized relationship issues between the "Twilight" couple, actress Kristen Stewart is planning to fly down to Australia and get together with Robert Pattinson in a last ditch effort  to save their dwindling relationship.

Pattinson, who is Down Under shooting for his upcoming flick "The Rover," is said to have been ignoring the 22-year-old's calls, which has gotten the actress extremely worried.

"Kristen is planning to travel to Australia to see Robert, she's missing him incredibly. She thinks his interest in their reconciliation is waning the longer they're apart - so Kristen's trying to save what they have left," a source told Radar Online. "Their relationship is hanging by a thread, so she thinks that visiting him in Oz may help them stay together. That said, I think she may be clinging on to something that isn't what she actually thinks it was."

The Briton clearly hasn't gotten over Stewart cheating on him with her director Rupert Sanders and might actually be considering splitting with her.

One of the most romantic couples in the past, the duo now is barely spotted together and apparently didn't even celebrate Valentine's Day. The 26-year-old is said to have ignored sending any gift to the actress and just concentrated on the shoot. Meanwhile, Stewart chose to spend Valentine's with her mother and little brother.

Amid all the split and patch- up rumors there have also been reports of something brewing between Stewart and her new co-star, Jim Sturgess, who seems to have an uncanny resemblance to Pattinson. The 31-year-old not only has stunning looks but like Pattinson is a British actor as well as a musician.

The actress and Sturgess will star in the upcoming film "The Big Shoe" and are said to share a great chemistry even though he isn't single.