When Pope Benedict XVI resigns Feb 28, the move will not only leave a Papal vacancy but the Vatican will also lose one of its most stylish men. He made a mark on his followers with his religious services as well as his style that had been missing in the papacy for decades.

Pope Benedict was seen to have an elegant choice in hats both for summer and winter. He often wore stylish ermine-lined velvet hats for the cold weather, according to scross.co.za.

 He donned a baseball hat while taking a stroll in the garden relaxing at his summer home in south of Rome. The Pope broke with tradition when he stepped out in a wide-rimmed Mexican hat called Sombrero. He also started wearing the red cappello romano, another wide brimmed hat for outdoor use.

In 2005 the Pope wore a camauro, the traditional red papal hat usually worn in the winter that has furry trimming on the edges. The hat was extremely popular in the 12th century and people couldn't stop raving about it when he donned it.

"I wore it only once," Catholic News Service quoted the pope as saying. "I was just cold, and I happen to have a sensitive head. And I said, since the camauro is there, let's put it on. But I was really just trying to fight off the cold," he said, making it clear that he wasn't trying to make a fashion statement.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI was awarded with the title of "Accessorizer of the year," for his elaborate papal habit which had become out of use for years. The Pope’s wardrobe and accessory choices became more and more talked about when he paired his habit with red loafers.

The red loafers, which were initially thought to be by the world renounced fashion house Prada, became his signature accessory. It later emerged that the loafers were actually by a local cobbler Antonio Arellano.

Pope Benedict XVI also sported classy pair of sunglasses and in 2012 he got a custom-made fragrance from Italian perfume designer Silvana Casoli.