New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia is looking slimmer and healthier these days. The main reason is due to Sabathia tossing the breakfast cereal "Cap'n Crunch" from his diet. The tasty cereal had an overpowering effect on the pitcher who became addicted to it, according to

According to, two years ago Sabathia admitted that he used to eat the sugary breakfast cereal by the box.  This approximately amounts to an entire cup of sugar a day and an extra 2,000 calories.

But Sabathia has kicked the habit. Sabathia stated to The New York Daily News, "No Cap'n Crunch. Same thing I did last offseason, just worked out and watched the diet. I worked out every day, just made sure I watched what I ate."

According to, Sabathia got rid of the extra sugar and fat he had consumed from eating the cereal. Sabathia lost 10 pounds and now weighs in at 290 pounds.

Two seasons ago Sabathia also slimmed down by sticking to a diet to which he pitched 237.1 innings in 2011, striked out 230 batters and finished the year with a career-high 7.0 WAR mark, according to

According to, the delicious breakfast cereal has also ensnared the manager of the Yankees as well. Joe Girardi is also a huge fan of Cap'n Crunch. Sabathia will have to be extra cautious not to stumble upon the cereal by keeping a safe distance away from it.