Designer Dennis Basso celebrated his 30th anniversary in the fashion business with a new collection at New York Fashion Week. According to IBTimes, Basso stated that his new collection for Fall 2013, "embodies the glamour, strength and elegance that inspired me throughout my career".

Basso molded his collection after iconic female figures but with adaptations for the modern woman, according to IBTimes. The collection included knee-length skirts, fitted bodices that molded a woman's curves, metallic plaid in tweed, and furs dyed to match colors like evergreen, grey, blue, black, ivory and chartreuse.

According to IBTimes, Basso commented on his collection backstage at the show by stating, "Babe Paley, Millicent Rogers, C.Z. Guest, Gloria Guinness. All had a richness, all had taste. They would take something simple and create something more elaborate on their own. They experimented with fashion."

Basso is also celebrating his anniversary with QVC, where the fashion designer sells more affordable clothing like ready-to-wear and faux furs, according to IBTimes.

Basso stated, "I'm celebrating my 20th anniversary at QVC. It's really been amazing. We're creating a whole series of things. We're doing faux fur, home furnishings and beautiful ready-to-wear in blouses and scarves and handbags. We're all over the place and it's been a growing sensation."

With these series of milestones for Basso there is no telling what he will be creating in the future but shoppers know it will only get better and better.