Matt Damon Goes On Bathroom Strike!

Actor Matt Damon who is known for his environmental and humanitarian work has declared that he will go on a bathroom-strike. In an effort to draw attention to the world's water crisis Damon humorously stated that he will go on a bathroom strike in a short video, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The video which is approximately three-minutes long and entitled, "Strike With Me," is to be released online Tuesday by Damon's nonprofit group,

In the video Damon is at a press conference with journalists who are eager to hear what he has to say. He declares that he has an announcement to make and states, "I'm going on strike. Not from acting, that would be too easy." The actor then pauses and with dramatic effect states, "A strike from going to the bathroom."

There is complete silence then a confused reporter asks, "What?" before the other reporters start asking questions at Damon. Damon then states quickly, "You do the math."  The press conference then ends in absolute chaos as the reporters try to figure out what happened.

Chevenee Reavis,'s director of strategic initiatives stated during filming, "It was Matt Damon's idea two years ago: how do we persuade people to give a sh*t about toilets?"

The campaign hopes its combination of celebrity, social media and humor will appeal to young adults and hopefully go viral on the internet, according to the LA Times. Damon and his collaborators also hope their bathroom strike campaign will pressure Washington to revive the stalled Water for the World Act, which would increase funding for projects in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, according to the LA Times.

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