On Sunday fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg showcased her new collection entitled, "GLAM ROCK" at New York Fashion Week. The show featured disco playing from the speakers and had a high lively energy throughout.

According to IBTimes, British fashion model Cara Delevinge opened the show wearing a von Furstenberg wrap dress. Models that followed wore gold jackets paired with fur vests, jumpsuits with metallic snakeskin jackets and belted maxi dresses.

Many of the colors for the collection were black, bright pink and red with prints which was inspired by graphic artist M.C. Escher, according to IBTimes. The prints were a mixture of animal prints, angel wings, birds, feather swirls and dots of gold and silver.

Von Furstenberg recently took a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland Ohio. During her browsing of the historic museum she became fascinated by English musician David Bowie. Her show definitely displayed the glitz and glamour that Bowie is known for.

According to The Daily Beast, Von Furstenberg commented on her glam-rock inspired collection backstage at the show by stating, "The idea is not that it's clothes for a party, but it's clothes. It's life that's a party-and that was my inspiration."

Von Furstenberg appeared at the end of her show singing and dancing to the song "I'm Every Woman" then taking a bow to her audience who no doubt had as much fun as she did viewing the collection.