Mountain Dew will be launching a breakfast drink that will be hitting kitchen tables soon. The new drink is called Kickstart and will have Mountain Dew’s flavor but also with 5 percent juice, Vitamins B and C, and caffeine, according to Kickstart also uses artificial sweeteners to reduce calories.


The beverage will come in a 16-ounce can and will have less caffeine than other drinks. It will contain 92 milligrams compared with 72 milligrams in a regular can of Mountain Dew. PepsiCo’s energy drink, Amp, has double Mountain Dew’s caffeine with 142 milligrams.


According to, PepsiCo which owns the Mountain Dew brand is hoping to boost sales by reaching Mountain Dew drinkers at the start of their day. Simon Lowden, chief marketing officer for PepsiCo’s America’s beverages, stated that the idea for Kickstart came forth after the company learned through consumer research that Mountain Dew drinkers were looking for an alternative to traditional morning drinks such as coffee, tea and juice.


“They didn’t really see anything that fit their needs,” Lowden stated.


Mountain Dew spokesperson Elisa Baker stated that “Kickstart combines the best of all worlds- it tastes great, has just the right amount of real fruit juice and gives [customers] a kick to help them start their day.”


Kickstart will come in two flavors, Fruit Punch and Orange Citrus and will hit stores on February 25th.