Designer Prabal Gurung presents new military-inspired collection for Target at New York Fashion Week

Nepalese fashion designer Prabal Gurung displayed his new collection for Target at New York Fashion week on Saturday. According to CBS News, Gurung’s runway show was one of the most anticipated shows of the event.


Gurung found his inspiration for his new collection in the armed forces especially servicewomen.  Gurung commented on his collection backstage at the event by stating, “I just read the Time magazine article that one of the best inventions of 2012 was this invention of body armor for women in the military.”


“That kind of set me thinking, then I started reading more about it and I found out that all these women have been wearing men's uniforms for the longest period of time, so now they're redesigning them for women, and even the small-statured men are wearing that."


According to CBS News the collection was a mix of bold peplums, sexy harnesses, evening gowns and thin stilettos that came in black and shiny metallic gold. Some of the heels were thigh-high boot styles with rows of gold buckles.


Gurung stated that the collection is about empowerment which he had his own definition for, according to Gurung stated, “The whole idea means not just being forceful, but embracing your femininity and being a woman in a man's world and ruling it. You no longer need to look like a man to compete like a man. That's the power and tool that women have that men don't have: femininity."



Gurunng’s collection will hit Target stores nationwide and be sold for a cheaper price. Gurung discussed his collaboration with Target by stating, “"I feel good that I have a platform like Target that I can reach out to all these people. Even if they're not able to buy (the more expensive designer line), they understand the passion and my story, and hopefully they'll explore that and be inspired themselves."

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