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Fashion designer Catherine Malandrino presents geometric-laden collection at New York Fashion week

ByZane Castillo
Feb 11, 2013 12:40 PM EST

Fashion designer Catherine Malandrino displayed her Fall/Winter 2013 collection at New York Fashion week. Malandrino’s collection was a texture-rich geometric-laden collection with intricate patterned embroidery that she drew inspiration from French Art Deco’s clean and abstract aesthetic, according to

According to, Malandrino displayed her collection in a window-lit warehouse space in Chelsea. 35 models stood together on a raised platform in the shape of a rectangle where viewers were able to move around and check out the designs.

Models wore minimal makeup and had their hair pin-straight down. The collection included sharp min-dresses and body skimming columns that mixed velvet, satin and leather for an urban look, according to There was also leather and velvet embroidery that were seen in a majority of the pieces, with an inclusion of wool coats, double-silk satin gowns, lace, and cashmere.

There were no bright colors in Malandrino’s collection. The colors were mostly burgundy, nude, ivory, absinthe green and a lot of black. stated that Malandrino’s collection, “proved that Malandrino knows her customer well enough to stay true to her brand’s “bread and butter” while still cultivating new and exciting takes on her feminine-yet-practical aesthetic”.

In a discussion with E! News Malandrino commented on the trend of geometric patterns for 2013. She stated, “We are into something that is more sharp because our life is in a different rhythm. Everything has more reason, has more shape, has more structure."

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