Former ER star Anthony Edwards returns to TV in ABC’s Zero Hour

Actor Anthony Edwards is making a return to television after leaving the medical drama ER ten years ago. Edwards will be starring in ABC’s Zero Hour which will premiere February 14 at 8 p.m. EST. Edwards will be playing Hank Galliston, a magazine publisher embroiled in a historical mystery after his wife is kidnapped.

Galliston’s wife’s kidnapping is tied to a mystery sparked by the Nazis' reign in Germany and to an antique clock with a secret within it, according to NewsDay.  Galliston’s globe-spanning search leads to him becoming involved with a mercenary abductor (Michael Nyqvist) and a relentless FBI agent (Carmen Ejogo).

Edwards is mostly known for his performance as Dr. Mark Greene on ER for which he was a main character for eight seasons. Edwards starred along with George Clooney and Julianna Marguiles before they became famous film stars. Edwards’ character was the driving force of the show who served as a mentor and friend to many of the show’s characters including George Clooney’s Doug Ross.

Edwards’ character succumbed to brain cancer in the eight season of the show. On leaving the show Edwards stated, "I didn't really have a plan other than I knew I wasn't going to jump into a series again and I knew that I was really tired and burnt out”.

Edwards moved with his wife and four children from California to New York. His intentions were to spend time raising his kids and giving his artist wife time to establish her career, according to ABC News.

Throughout the years Edwards starred in several movies including Northfolk, Zodiac and Flipped. He also created his own production company, Grand Central Entertainment.

According to NewsDay, Edwards stated that the first season of Zero Hour “will tell a full story from beginning to end and we'll go on to a new adventure next year if we get picked up. I think people like to have chunks of shows where they get a whole story. Cable does it all the time. I was right there, watching the season finale of Homeland, and I'm OK to wait another six months or a year for the next installment”.

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