Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff displayed her new Fall 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week on Friday. The new collection entitled “sophisticated grunge” was a display of futuristic clothing. According to the International Business Times, Minkoff took her inspiration from the “modernity of spacesuits with utilitarian finishes, modern closures, wide zippers, and padding and quilting with an urban edge”.

Minkoff’s opening display was models wearing a white biker jacket, quilted separates and lots of leather, from shorts and pants to jackets to dresses and to sleeves, according to IBTimes.

Minkoff discussed her collection backstage before the show. She stated: “Instead of aviator outfits, I started looking more at spacesuit constructions. You're going to see those details in my outwear in the clasps, closures and how things are sewn together”.

Minkoff’s show also incorporated social media into it by allowing audience members and those watching the live stream at home to use Twitter and Instagram during the show. The tweets and messages were displayed on a jumbotron.

According to International Business Times, Minkoff gave her customers an opportunity to buy clothes and accessories right off the runway, with several items for sale on her website including two jackets, one shirt, one pair of shorts, and handbags.

The fashion designer also discussed with IBTimes about her plans to open shops in New York and overseas.  She stated, “We're doing a real huge international push. We already have one free-standing store in Tokyo and we're going to be opening more in Japan”.  Minkoff also stated that she will be opening her first flagship store in New York City during the summer, where she will be selling her entire line of accessories, footwear, apparel, handbags and jewelry.