When the luxury brand Burberry decided to venture into make-up back in 2010 it chose Primapack to create the packaging for its products. This collaboration turned out to be a smart investment by Burberry.

One of the products that display the unique design is the Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer click pen. The pen is housed in an aluminum casing which gives off a sleek and sophisticated look to the product.

The concealer also contains a unique silicone elastomer that smoothly glides for improved blendability according to Burberry.com. The product also covers any imperfections without drying out the skin and has a long-lasting effect. There are a range of colors that the product offers to match the customer's skin tone.

The pen is weighty and has the logo and disclaimer stamped upon it. Since hitting the stores the concealer has been a popular product by consumers.

Topline Products which acquired Primapack hoped to strengthen its global partnership with some of the world's leading beauty companies according to Topline-usa.com. The company wanted to pay particular attention to customer's needs especially in the European market. The acquisition also gave Topline the flexibility to serve any international customers with day-to-day customer support.