L'eclisse Cosmetics has announced its plan to launch a line of mineral makeup and skin care products in March 2013. The new line will blend in natural elements with nourishing minerals and provide quality products that are effective and give stunning results.

The brand will unveil a line of products that includes Natural Lip Gloss, Anti-Aging Natural BB Cream, Pressed Mineral Foundation, Rose Hip Seed Cleansing Foam, Cucumber-Peptide Intensive Eye Cream, Stem Cell Rejuvenating Skin Serum, Pressed Mineral Blush and Pressed Mineral Rice Setting Powder.

L'eclisse mineral makeup promotes the importance of healthy, naturally flawless skin and each of its products is formulated to help customers look and feel beautiful. It provides healing protection for even the most sensitive skin types.

The brand's products are easy to wear with a weightless feel and come in attractive packaging to provide an elegant user experience. The brand also intends to provide a wholesome approach to beauty, starting with healthy, soothing and protective skincare.

L'eclisse mineral makeup caters to the needs of customers seeking high-quality skincare. It uses authentic ingredients resulting in the purest, healthiest and most effective mineral makeup for the skin. The brand's skincare products also offer anti-aging benefits and are water-resistant providing all day protection without fading, creasing or smearing. The products are oil-free and hence prevent dehydration without blocking pores.