Troubled star Amanda Bynes took to Twitter and posted a picture of singer Jay-Z along with a caption that read, "Ugly Face." The actress who has always managed to make news for her bizarre behavior took down the post after a while but neither explained it nor issued an apology.

Bynes' followers must be accustomed to the star's rants on Twitter though there were some users who didn't take kindly to her tweet. One of them commented, "Wow. Rude Amanda!"

Along with the post, she also deleted several tweets and now only 13 remain on her page. The actress though didn't seem to regret the post and gleefully continued posting pictures on her page that included a mirror image showing the actress in a pair of ripped jeans and an orange beanie hat.

The rapper, however, must have decided not to comment on the post and was spotted by the Daily Mail enjoying family time with wife Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy in Venice.

After her DUI arrest in April, the actress had sent President Obama a post, "Hey @Barack Obama ... I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end," reports

Bynes was charged with hit and run cases in April and August but managed to pay both her accusers and got the charges dropped in favor of a financial settlement. She might have gotten away with the hit and run accusations but still faces charges for driving under the influence in April as well as denying  a sobriety test. She also faces two charges for driving while on a suspended license.