This week at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week show, fashion designer David Hart will be presenting his 2013 Men’s line for David Hart & Co. The menswear is a nod back to the 1950’s and 60’s where men dressed up not only for work. When asked upon his inspiration for his menswear, Hart stated that he was inspired by his grandfather. “He was always dressed up. Everything was perfect-his pocket square, how he did his hair," Hart stated to DNAinfo.

David Hart got his start in the fashion world by working for labels such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Anna Sui. Hart started his own label in 2007 where he started designing neckties and socks. Hart’s ties are hand-stitched and are made locally at the Chairman Neckwear factory in New York. “It makes a stronger tie, it knots nicer, it wears nicer, which I think most guys appreciate," Hart stated to DNAinfo about the process.

It took Hart three months to get his collection ready. He found various manufacturers through word of mouth and even invested $30,000 of his own money into the line. “It’s a big expense, so my hope is that the show will generate interest in our brand and drive sales,” Hart stated to

Hart’s line is both traditional as well as modern. He has an image in mind of his potential customers who he believes will like his menswear. “I imagine my customer as a young professional in his late 20s, looking back at his grandfather and older generations who were really dressing up,” Hart stated according to “He wants to look great but doesn’t want to feel too fussy about his clothing.”

For Hart harking back to a different era is just what the modern world needs.