From Middle Earth to the corner office: Elijah Wood poses for Mr Porter

Actor Elijah Wood proves that his Middle Earth days are behind him as he poses for menswear magazine Mr Porter. The 32 year old actor started out as a child star and became internationally known after portraying Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings trilogy which was directed by Peter Jackson.

Mr Porter celebrated the release of their 100th issue with Wood posing for the designer label as well as taking part in a two and a half minute short video for the website. In the video entitled Paper Plane Wood suavely smokes around the office and even drinks champagne out of a trophy in his boss’ office. The movie concludes with a paper plane on Wood’s office desk with the words “I Quit” written upon it. In the photos for the website Wood is dressed in a variety of suits as he poses in an office building. In several shots Wood is lounging around the office and even appears to be bored as he sits behind a desk with his head against his hand.

Wood discussed his own personal style with the site by stating, “I'm pretty simple. I just like things that are relatively classic and timeless”. Wood stated that while shopping in Japan that everything he bought fitted him perfectly. He stated, “It's nice to go into a store, see something I like and go, ‘That will fit’. It was awesome. Japan's a great place to shop.”

Wood is currently starring in Wilfred, a black comedy TV series for FX. Wood portrays Ryan, a man who is asked to take care of his neighbor’s dog Wilfred who appears only to Ryan as a man in a dog suit. Wood has several movies that he will be starring in this year including Black Wings Has My Angel a crime film based on the novel of the same name by Elliott Chaze.

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