Beyonce and Destiny’s Child Reunite, Set the Ball Rolling at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

When Beyonce reunited with Destiny's Child for the 12 minute performance during the Super Bowl Half Time, Feb. 3, it looked like the singer put all her heart into the performance. The girl band performed together after a long time and reminded the audience of how they could put the stage on fire.

Starting the show with the song "Crazy in Love" Beyonce made sure the audience knew that this time she wasn't lip synching the lyrics like she did at the Inauguration day, according to CBS NEWS. And dressed in a black lacy ensemble that clung to her perfect curves and showed off her svelte figure, she put to rest all speculations of the possibility of her picture on the GQ cover being air brushed.

Accompanied by her background dancers, Beyonce belted out hit numbers like "End of Time" and "Baby Boy" before she was joined by her former band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The trio, who appeared in similar outfits of black rompers, knee high socks and black boots, then entertained the crowd to their very popular song "Bootylicious" which perfectly fit the mood. Beyonce, Rowland and Williams danced to the hit "Single Ladies" and the crowd broke into frenzy.

But the highlight of the 31-year-old singer's performance was when she went down on her knees and mesmerized the crowd with her slow hit "Halo," lending a soft and surreal mood to the performance.

Another performance worth mentioning was Alicia Keys singing an all new piano version of the national anthem, “Star Spangled Banner.” Dressed in a long red gown and with her sleek hair perfectly styled for the occasion, Keys sat down behind a piano and performed before the Super Bowl kickoff.

The singer was visibly excited and tweeted her feelings just before the performance. “Getting ready to sing my heart out for America! The city is electric!!” she said. Later her Twitter account was filled with posts from fans who raved about her performance.

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